HIS Affiliation Program

The HIS Affiliate is a partner of the provider of an Hospitality International Standards that will promote, and deliver, assess, inspection or support to the deliver of, the HIS on behalf of the HIS Affliate. The HIS Affliate must have a formal contractual relationship with the partner organization that ensures aspects of the administration, promotion, assessment, inspection and delivery covered by the Affiliate are performed in accordance with the requirements for an HIS (Hospitality International Standards.)

We are Inviting Global Affiliate's / Partners

A partner may only perform such actions after the partner is officially affilated with the HIS and listed on the Register of Accredited Country listing as an Affilate for the HIS. Affiliates may only use the documents supplied by the HIS and only use materials for a standards and codes with which they are affiliated.

HIS Affiliate online Registration

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Affiliates - Registration