F&B Service Professionals

HISPRO5003 standard assessment certification for Food & Beverage Service Professionals is a competency-based, vendor-neutral process that ensures accurate and reliable assessment and compares them for HIS standards.


F&B Service Professionals


Assessment of professionals working in Food & Beverage Service division of Hospitality community for HIS standards and certification.

Why HISPRO Certification

Allows you to take a self introspection directed towards your expertise level on subject matters and your professional apprehension.

With HISPRO Certified

HIS credits signify your commitment to practice hospitality standards making you stand out and helps in professional growth which provides an opportunity to enhance your career path.


HIS Certification validates assessment rooted in industry research and provides valuable credits for those seeking to upgrade their career to best potential.

Steps to Get Certified

A committee of HIS (Hospitality International Standards) hospitality reasearchers, reformers and assessment experts oversee the reform of HISPRO certification – making sure that HISPRO Credits Certification are guaranteed passports to progression.


Year Successfull




Certified Professionals


Certified Fellowship

F&B Service

HISPRO5003 Certification awards for Excellence in F&B Service Professionals, Management skills and leadership qualities making you an on-demand professional.


All F&B Service division Professionals Junior and Senior levels.


Comprehensive testing with upfront assessment provided by skilled faculty members with extensive experience in the field.


HISPRO5003 Certificate dispatched through post and online verified e-certificate with separate HIS professional profile page.

Why HISPRO5003 for F&B Service Professionals?

HISPRO5003 Standard Certification for professionals who are responsible in Food and beverage serving and related works perform a variety of customer service, food preparation, and cleaning duties in eating and drinking establishments.

  • HISPRO Professional Standard Certification differentiates you from other professionals in your field, showing that you have a dedicated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession giving you an advantage in today’s competitive market.
  • HISPRO certification allows you to take a self introspection directed towards your expertise level on subject matters and your professional apprehension, thus making it a quintessential necessary for every hospitality professional.
  • Who can apply: Back Waiter | Banquet Server | Barback | Barista | Bartender | Busser | Catering Assistant | Food Runner | Food Server | Head Waiter | Host Hostess | Maître d’ | Server | Sommelier

HIS Certified Professionals Profile Page on HIS Web

HIS certified professionals get listed in HIS Professional site in which the candidate can showcase their various attributes from academic background to professional expertise in a particular hospitality domain, along with online verification for the qualified HIS standard.

Fees & Assessment Guidelines

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