Hospitality HISFLO3000 Fellowship.

Managing Director | Owner | CEO’s | General Manager | Senior Management

Hospitality Leaders Fellowship Certification

Accommadations | F&B Management & Service | Leisure | SPA | Recreation | Entertainment | Tours & Travels.


Celebrating Great Management Standard

HIS's HISFLO Certification's identified as a globally practised quality management standard


What is HISFLO Award & Certification?

A HIS's HISFLO Hospitality Fellowship Award & standard certification can be defined as a set of guidelines to achieve quality, experience, services, management, innovations and "how to" instructions for the global hospitality accommodation industry. Provides for a written assurance when achieved compliance with HIS Standards.

Hotels Standards Standard Certifications

HISFLO 9 Standards & Codes

HISFLO Hospitality Fellowship Awards for Leaders and experienced in Higher level Management and Service.

hospitality assessment process certification

HISFLO Fellowship Assessment

Based on in-depth research covering all inter disciplines of hospitality in accordance with dynamic assessment strategies.

hospitality standards and inspection

HISFLO Standards

HIS assessment body ensures examination of quality and conformity of standards based on professional judgment.


HISFLO Fellowship standards certification cover all the defining sectors in hospitality industry. Select the category you belong to, complete the registration, and become a part of the HIS's HISFLO standards community.




Certified Fellowship


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Standards & Codes

Why HISFLO Standardization?

HISFLO Fellowship Standard Certifications, hospitality professional societies, it refers to a privileged member who is specially assessed and validated in recognition of their work and achievements.


Managing Director | Owner | CEO’s | General Manager | Senior Management in all hospitality division

Standards & Codes

Fellowship standards assessment - Experience, awards, Service, Management and Innovations.

Brand Identity

Recognizes and celebrates best practices, quality service, industry standardization, promotes HIS member's brand identity.


HISFLO 3000 is Family of Standards & Codes for Fellowship Assessment Certification in all sector Hospitality Senior Professionals and Leaders

hisflo3000 hospitality fellowship certification

Comprehensive Assessments

Our assessments cover over 09 Standards & Codes to individual service assessment “touches" across all hospitality departments.

Fellowship Profile Page

HIS certified Fellow get listed in HIS Professional site in which the candidate can showcase their various attributes from academic background to professional expertise in a particular hospitality domain, along with online verification for the qualified HISFLO standard.

About HIS

HIS is an independent, not-for-profit organization. HIS is the first and the only specific Hospitality standards developing organization in the world.


Established to identify and highlight excellence throughout the global hospitality community which gives a competitive edge to professionals.

HISFLO 3000 Series For

The classification of Assessment, Award and Certification, taken into consideration by HIS, are the following.

  • 1) Hospitality Sectors: Managing Director | Owner | CEO’s | General Manager | Senior Management.
  • (2) Hospitality Top Management: Event manager | Travel manager | Sommelier | Restaurant manager | Hotel general manager | Executive chef | Casino director
  • (3) Leisure centre manager | Executive Conference Manager | Executive Meeting Manager | Director of Hotel Sales| Director of Marketing and Sales | Director of Housekeeping Director of Maintenance | Director of Operations | Executive Housekeeper | Tour Director
    Americas Asia Pacific Europe Middle East & Africa India
fellowship certification for hospitality owners professionals leaders
hospitality owners senior managements fellowship

HISFLO Fellowship Standards Award & Certification

HIS'S Hospitality leaders have earned HISFLO Fellowship, a mark of distinction representing the pinnacle of integrity, professionalism, and scholarship for those who aspire to pursue careers in the Hospitality Industry.

  • The candidates have to apply with detailed bio- data and resume showing their experience-based achievements with a processing fee as prescribed above for a particular certification in Hospitality sector he/she wishes to apply for.
  • The bio-data and resume will be sent to any three members of the Certification Board for evaluation of the resume. Chairman of HIS (HISFLO Certification Board) may choose any three members of the HIS for evaluation of resume of any applicant. On recommendation of the Certification Board, the Board of Governors may grant a particular certification to a candidate straightaway or may prescribe a pre-certification assessment to a particular candidate as a pre-condition.
  • HISFLO Hospitality Honorary Fellowship

    Managing Director | Owner | CEO’s | General Manager | Senior Management in all hospitality division ( Ex: Event manager | Travel manager | Sommelier | Restaurant manager | Hotel general manager | Executive chef | Casino director...,)

    Hospitality Fellowship - Application

    Leaders / Top Management seeking accreditation/certification are required to submit the proper application forms and fees prior to receiving a review/online Assessment/Validation date.

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